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Caster sculpture and component foundry

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Our company, Caster Ltd., was founded in 1991 and is 100% privately owned. Our target is to set ourselves the aim to use and develop the workmanship of precision casting. According to our researches, the production of castings with cavities was not properly solved by the earlier wax-melting method. The former, technically outdated solutions were expensive and complicated, wasted too much energy as well as polluted the environment.

To eliminate these problems, we developed a new technology, which makes it possible to produce smooth-surfaced castings with complex and complicated cavities. This patented technology is very simple and cheap, uses far less energy and raw materials without producing a significant amount of waste. Thanks to this environmentally friendly method, it is easier for us to comply with the local regulations.

In the film that was made for the 100th anniversary of the Hungarian Patent Office our activity was introduced among the greatest Hungarian inventions. That  was a great honour to us.  The Hungarian Television (MTV) made a documentary called “Delta” introducing our method and we had the chance to perform several times in another programmes too.

There are many well-known structures and objects all over Hungary were made by our company. Here come some examples, without aiming at completeness: 

·        the huge chandeliers of the Grassalkovich Mansion

·        the awards of the „Genius 96” Inventor Convention

·        the awards of the First and the Second Inventor Olympics

·        the awards of „MAFE”,

·        the “MÁRTA” award ,

·        the Monument to Heroes (“Hősök Emlékműve”) in Nagyatád, Hungary

·        the jubilee statues in Segesd and Kaposvár, Hungary

·        a fountain in Budapest, Hungary