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Caster sculpture and component foundry

Precision statue and figure casting
smaller font size; nagyobb betű

·      Technology: wax-melting precision casting (soft wax) using the owners’ patented technology

·      Material: brass, tin bronze

·      Dimensions: 5 - 400 mm/piece, useful weight max. 25 kg/piece (55 lb/piece)

·      Lot-size: 1 - 1.000 pieces

·      Typical castings: small figures, public statues

·      Our strengths: small series orders are accepted, silicon-rubber tool orderable, general service (from the planning to the delivery)

·      Specialities: castings with complex and complicated cavities, castings with thin walls

·      Fashioning: sand blasting, AWI-welding, metal chasing, tarnishing

Bronze dogBronze dog
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Woman with hatWoman with hat
Monument of KaposvárMonument of Kaposvár
Monument of NagyatádMonument of Nagyatád
Monument of SegesdMonument of Segesd